Investor keen on DOEIP project

DAVAO ORIENTAL – One of Davao Oriental Eco Industrial Park (DOEIP) investors, Jun Wada, personally paid a visit to the site of the project in Banaybanay, Davao Oriental to see and assess for himself the viability of the project.

After his recent visit, Wada, became much concerned about funding the project and eager for the construction to start as soon as possible.

Project specifics such as the free houses to be given to the affected residents, the quality of materials to be used per plantation, the duration of the whole project, and forecast/project income for the residents of Banaybanay and its neighboring cities were earnestly discussed.

His visit emphasizes seriousness amongst investors who are hands-on in making the DOEIP into a reality, reassuring every angle the project touches will be for everyone’s benefit.

Wada, he said, that they see great potential for progress in the province of Davao Oriental especially in Banaybanay.

The residents of Banaybanay can expect more investors to pour in vibrant businesses to their municipality starting with the DOEIP. PIONAIRE FINANCE LIMITED