B.O.T. Associates meet with CIRI Davao

CIRI DAVAO OFFICE – 02 Oct 2018, Tuesday afternoon, group of expert architects from B.O.T. associates flew in from Manila to discuss assignments and planning with CIRI operations team.

This particular group of architects will be travelling to Banaybanay, Davao Oriental the next day to commence their main operations which is vital to the completion of the project such as:

  • Ocular inspection of the proposed Relocation site (Barangay Cabangcalan)
  • Drone shots of the Relocation site (Barangay Cabangcalan)
  • Coordinate with MPDO-LGU Banaybanay for the Industrial zoning

In this initial phase with B.O.T. associates the whole team agreed to have constant communication, scheduled meetings and coordinated planning to lessen, or better yet, eliminate waste of time and effort, to be able to follow time table of activities, assurance of completeness.

Partial gathering of on-site data will be utilized for the completion of the “Master Plan” of the DAVAO ORIENTAL ECO INDUSTRIAL PARK which is also a pre-requisite of P.E.Z.A. They will be leaving for Manila on 04 Oct 2018