Household Survey Orientation

HOUSEHOLD SURVEY ORIENTATION – Green Cuisine, 07 Jan 2019, Thursday, Morning, Collaborative Industrial Revolution Inc. (CIRI) conducted an orientation for our Household Survey enumerators.

There will be 33 enumerators (13 from Brgy. Mogbongcogon, 10 from Brgy. Calubihan, 10 from Brgy. Cabangcalan) who will be doing door-to-door visit to conduct the survey. Enumarators were deliberately picked out from their respective baranggays due to familiarity with their baranggays and neighbors. It’s wise to choose our representatives who will be doing the survey from their own baranggays. The level of closeness and the ease-to-talk-to is highly favorable for everyone. – MR. Glenn Yang Reyes

This particular survey’s intention is (1) To know exactly how many families, tenants, registered residents and land owners are their in Brgy. Mogbongcogon, Brgy. Calubihan, Brgy. Cabangcalan. (2) To distinguish who are the skilled and unskilled workers in their areas. (3) Current status of their properties.

The three(3) survey teams were given deadlines on which they are expected to deliver. If they are able to finish before their deadlines they will be rewarded with a suprise.

During the orientation, simulations were done to prepare the enumurators with possible situations that they may face during their actual surveys and how they would respond to these different situations. CIRI provided all the materials they may need during for the survey. Needless to say, they are well equipped.