Environmental Public Consultation

Nonito C. Dela Torre, DNC-PSTS General Manager, spearheaded the consultation for the residents of Barangay Cabangcalan regarding the environmental impact of the DAVAO ORIENTAL ECO INDUSTRIAL PARK, particulary the Relocation Site, with the help of ENP. Honey Lou S. Opeňa, ENGR. Nove Balbuena, EMB-DENR, ENGR. Hans B. Pulido, Project Director, CIRI, MS. Melanie R. Jaleke, Operations Manager, CIRI, and other governement agencies related to the issue.

Health, Security and Safety is of our utmost importance – MS. MELANIE R. JALEKE, OPERATIONS MANAGER, CIRI

The intention of this seminar was to inform and assure the residents that for a and all company to secure an Evironmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) they will have to comply with all the requirements and satisfy all the criteria. It was also clearly mentioned that they will be strict with the review and conditions. Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) will check will be responsible in making sure all necessary aspects are being Considered. Nothing will be left unchecked.